Saturday, August 1, 2015

Penzeys Spices

So CTMOM turned me onto the wonderful spices. Sure they are more expensive than McCormick or generic but you can as little or as much as you want from the store and Raleigh has a wonderful store at Cameron Village. Just walking in is an experience in delectable spicy ness. It smells wonderful especially around the garlic!  You can buy different sizes of jars or they also offer small baggies if you only need a wee bit of an unusual spice. 

So since I got paid yesterday and have a little bit of wiggle room I went to Penzeys and bought 3 items. Driving the way home was wonderfully aromatic. 

I also signed up for their catalog and emails so I can hopefully score one of those coupons that CTMOM gets. 

Have a great Saturday!!


  1. Glad you have tried Penzeys. Next time you are in the regular grocery store, check the unit prices for spices you use, say tarragon (not sold at Aldis where I get cheapo chilli powder, paprika etc). Penzeys IS a cheaper alternative! and you are right, just buy a bit or a lot! Buy in bulk bags to save, too and decant into your own jars. If you join the catelog list/mailing, you will get the promo/freebie coupons. : )

  2. I have bought Penzey's for years - I think in the long run they actually cost less than most other commercial brands and are much fresher, too. They are a lifesaver for us here in Hawaii - we order through the mail, and they always enclose so many good deals that the shipping ends up being less than free (plus the order arrives in just a couple of days). Spices in the stores here, unless you buy the jumbo bottles at Costco, are outrageously priced. Yeah Penzeys!