Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kroger and Aldi Rock!

Why? You may ask...........well we went to a different store today and it was a BIG MISTAKE.  We received a $10 off $50 purchase from a rival store in the mail.  It is a beautiful clean well lit store but the prices do NOT compare at all.  I found a few good deals:  my husband uses VO5 in the tube.  Normally it's around $3.59 per tube.  This store had it on close out for $1.99 a tube so I purchased 3 tubes.  DH was like you bought enough didn't you and when I told him the price he was going oh I see.  There really wasn't another good deal that I can think of.

Now I remember why I don't go there that much.  They may offer double coupons but their regular prices more than make up for that.

Unless I find major deals somewhere else I will be a Kroger and Aldi shopper plus throw in a bit of Trader Joe's every once in awhile.

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