Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm Learning Some Hard Lessons

I'm very late in the game-the game of being financially responsible.  For the last 3 years I've tried to improve our finances.  I've had some successes and some failures but it's really hard when I was so irresponsible for so long.  I'm never going to be able to "catch up" to where we could've or better yet should've been.  But that is water under the bridge and no amount of guilt is going to replace those funds.  So I need to continue putting on my big girl pants and do I mean BIG GIRL pants.

As far as I know no friends or family members know I have a blog so I will vent here a bit.  I've heard a few times within the last few days of "I can't afford" or "that is too expensive".  This is from a family member that we assumed had loads of money because we were told they had been making six figures for years.  You could knock me over with a feather.

Well today at work I had a mini meltdown.  Everything just hit me all at once about the death of my sister in law.  I had to leave work early.  I was so upset and crying.  I went to see my husband at his work.  He met me in the parking lot and we drove to a nearby park to just sit and talk.  I told him straight up that we have to be even better with our money because I never want him to say that he can't afford to do something important (funeral related)  in the event that I died first.    Yes we have insurance but that can take a long time to get.

I want to say thank you to CTMOM, Sluggy and Brenda from coffeeteabooksandme.blogspot.  Your blogs are very informative and give someone like me the inspiration to do better.

Please if you feel so -pray for my brother and his sons and our family at this really difficult time.


  1. Sorry you continue to hurt so deeply from this loss. Take it one day at a time, pick your priorities and be good to yourself. Don't compare yourself to others, for whom you may not fully know/be aware of the back story. Set your goals and work towards them, walking forward, not back. Good luck.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. As far as finances go your situation WILL improve because you want it to and are actively working toward that goal!

  3. I am very sorry for you and your family.

  4. Lee Ann, I'm so sorry for your loss and the ongoing pain.
    I heard recently, that the average American has $21,000 of credit card debt! That is not total debt just credit card debt. This is just not sustainable. You are wise to be planning for emergencies and having some cash available as well. We are doing the same thing.

    Praying that everything works out with the funeral for your sister in law.