Saturday, August 22, 2015

I Shot a Gun Last Night

I took a firearms class last night. I never held a gun. I didn't grow up around guns. No one in my immediate family hunted so it was a complete surprise when I realized I had an interest in guns. 

It really is hard to put into words but I will try. First of all I am on information overload. It's a lot to take in. After donning ear plugs, ear muffs and eyewear we all witnessed the instructor shoot. Truth be told I wanted to cry and walk out the door. It was so LOUD. You can't imagine how loud it was. When I saw the "fire" or sparks or whatever it terrified me. 

Then it was time for us to shoot. I was shaking literally. I have no hand strength so I had difficulty releasing the safety.  Taking aim and pulling the trigger is something I will never forget. 

When I got home last night I was still shaking. I couldn't eat dinner because I was so keyed up.  My stomach was semi upset. I knew if I ate a meal I would soon see it again. The last time I felt this way was when out home was broken into. I was asleep on the couch when the criminal was in our kitchen. Once I realized what had happened I ran upstairs to get my husband and called the police. Luckily for us he left several hand and fingerprints. The kid spent 4 years in prison for his crime. It is a higher felony to break into an occupied home. 

I will never forget that night nor last night. Will I purchase a gun?  I don't know. I do know I want the right to do so. 

TV makes it looks so easy. Maybe I'm a whimp or perhaps my reaction was normal. Either way I'm glad I did it and I am considering going back. 

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