Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wal Mart Success

I was pleasantly surprised with Walmart today.  We went after the 8:00 church service this morning so it wasn't packed like sardines.  Anyhoo..............we found some good deals.  I found Cracker Barrel cheese slices for $2 per package.  At other grocery stores it is a least double that.  I admit I am a cheese snob.  I will buy generic cheese and do so quite often but my alltime fave is Cracker Barrel Sharp in the orange wrapping.  I guess it's because it is what I grew up eating.  I think it has the best flavor hands down.  I also like a cheddar from Trader Joe's.  It has a parmesan flavor to it as well.  I also bought the newest edition of the Ball Blue Book of food preservation.  I know nothing about the topic but want to learn more.  The price was better than  Hopefully I won't give us botulism!

I am so looking forward to fall this year.  How about you?   I love the colors and smells and the cooler weather.  Nothing is better than having to wear long sleeves or sweaters to feel comfortable.  Plus there is the fact that college football season begins as well.  I love fall scented candles.  I saw a candle by Yankee.  I think the scent is Apple Spice.  That sounds yummy to me!  Chili and Mexican chicken soup cooking in the crockpot.  Oh my please hurry up fall!

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  1. Well, if you plan on only doing water bath canning, there's no way you can give anybody botulism, because you'll only be canning high acidic foods which aren't a reservoir for botulism. Easiest thing to do to start canning: Get a package of MCP pectin, open it, and follow the directions on the leaflet inside for jam. Basically, if you can boil water, you will be able to can.