Friday, July 10, 2015

Preparing for Fall and Winter

What the what you say?  Yes fall and winter is really just around the corner and we need to come up with an idea of an alternate heat source and other assundry items.

First the heat-we have gas heat which I love love love.  It is so warm and cozy.  Now here in North Carolina we don't get a lot of snow but when we do the whole place comes to a stop and sometimes that includes our electricity.  We probably get more ice than snow and it can cause all kinds of havoc.  We have a 2 story home so the upstairs stays pretty comfortable as long as the heat is off for more than a few hours.  But the downstairs, that's a whole nother story.  It gets cold quickly. 

We are considering either gas logs for the fireplace or a kerosene heater.  Obviously the kerosene heater will be cheaper but I don't like the scent of those things.  Hopefully that has improved over time.  We have a set of gas logs now but they are decorative.  DUH-you have to be right in front of them to feel any heat at all.  So we will go price hunting for gas logs.

We have entryways into the kitchen, dining room and upstairs.  Not doors.  Doors would be so much easier to simply close off but................we can hang up some blankets or quilts to help hold the heat in.  We could use better windows but that is NOT in the budget.  I am thinking about getting those kits where you put plastic on the inside and heat with a blow dryer.  Have any of you tried that before?  If so, did it work?  The only bad thing with that is when we get nice weather I do like to open the windows for a short time to get some fresh air.

What do you do in the fall and winter to help heat your home better and economically?


  1. yes, those plastic window kits DO make a difference, as would closig off doorways. See my blog, at a former cold, drafty rental, I had a divide n cobquer approach to snug up the home without spending much $, yet increasing our comfort. Alternative heat source is a good thing, but I am a New Englander-it's how we think! as it gets COLD come Winter.

    1. Hey CT do you remember the month you posted about that?