Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Saturday Eve

I'm so glad today is Friday. I always look forward to the weekend. I know I shouldn't wish my time away but I'm being honest. If I didn't have to work I wouldn't. It's not that I'm lazy. I stress a lot. 

Anyhow. My plans are to attend a Preppers expo that is happening at the NC State Fairgrounds tomorrow. I've never attended one and have no idea what to expect. Hopefully it's not quite as crazy as the shows on television. I'm going to get information not to join a militia. LOL. We live in the suburbs so there's only so much we can do.   What are your plans?


  1. Go with an open mind, but closed wallet. You might learn something. I went to an emergency preparedness seminar by the LDS church, out of a nagging curiosity, and learned loads! Mainly: interesting investing /saving techniques, alternate fuel ideas (power goes out, how do you cook and heat your house?), and clever storage ideas. Nobody there tried to sell me anything, which was nice. Bear in mind, "prepping" shouldn't cost much if anything. And, again, if you aren't going to store water for drinking, why, don't even bother with anything else. . Here, if power goes out (which it does often) your pump won't work....we all have wells. No water...which means no flushing the toilets either. You will force a flush with store bought water one time before you realize how stupid you were to not, as a rule, fill up every empty 2 liter bottle that ever darkened your doorway with water and tuck it in your clever, and easily accessible storage spots. Hella' cheaper than a generator. Quieter too.

    1. Thanks! I will do that. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I'm sure they will have loads of items to purchase.