Sunday, July 12, 2015

If You Despise Paper Towels Please Don't Read or at Least Please Don't Shoot the Messenger

We were down to our last roll.  In today's Target ad there was listed that Bounty 8 large rolls were on sale for $9.99 a package.  If you bought 2 packages you get a $5 Target gift card.  Well low and behold I had a $10.00 Target gift card in my wallet. So...................I mozied on down to Target and bought the packages for $19.98.  I used my $10 gift card so out of pocket was $9.98.  Subtract the $5 gift card I got back and now the total is $4.98.   Not bad since the 8 large rolls are really really big and will last a really long time.  Score!

1 comment:

  1. While I do not despise paper goods, I choose to avoid them : )
    Good deal on those you bought today!