Saturday, July 18, 2015

Angel Food Ministries?

I've never used this and from what I understand it is no longer in service.  I wonder if they will come back.  If a downturn does happen later on this year like so many folks are predicting then this type of ministry will come in very handy.

So if you have used this option did you like it?  How was the food?  Would you do this again?

Thanks for your input!


  1. Well the owners went to prison for money laundering and skimming profits off the top so that would explain it not being in business anymore.

    There are 2 other similar Christian based food programs around....Gospel Food Ministries
    and One Harvest Ministries

    I've never used any of these and probably wouldn't unless our income took a deep nose dive. It's a good deal overall but once you remove the "questionable" ie processed foods or carbfilled pastas and rice and cornbread type things they typically include I get a comparable deal shopping the sales at the grocery stores. If I had kids and we needed the carby items OR if my income was so low that I had to stretch the food $s by buying lots of carbs still it would be a better deal.

  2. I used AF, finding the best value was in the fresh produce box. Depending upon offerings, the expanded monthly box, yes with some convenience items, worked well for me.