Friday, June 19, 2015

Post Vacation Thoughts

Well we are back in North Carolina.  So glad.  Don't get me wrong I love to travel in Pennsylvania.  The rural parts are gorgeous and like stated earlier we love Gettysburg but having said that....just like Dorothy says "there's no place like home".  We had a strong thunderstorm last night and it was lovely.  I kept hearing people complaining about the heat when we were in PA but it was 12-15 degrees hotter here.  We enjoyed the "cool" while we could.  LOL

Well...............was our vacation frugal/cheap?  Nope not one bit but......drumroll please we did not charge it.  That is not entirely true, we did charge for the bed and breakfast but I have the money saved to pay for it.  My husband wants to go somewhere tropical next year, think Virgin Islands or the Caymans tropical.  That will require saving a LOT of dinero.  We will get started on that at the end of this month when we get paid.

Now...........on to somewhat depressing stuff.  I keep hearing about an "looming" economic downturn later on this year.  Do you think we will have one?  I heard folks that are not the doom and gloom types speak of this downturn as well.  If you do think it is imminent what steps are you taking or have taken to either not feel it or to at least lessen the effects?  One of the men I listen to said to give generously, spend wisely and save as much as you can.  Others recommend to not spend ANYTHING that is NOT a necessity now so that you will have the extra funds in case you lose your job, your wages are cut, you experience an illness or anything that causes your funds to be in question.  There are 2 blogs I really like : and coffeeteabooksandme.blogspot. Both of these deal with the obvious-preparing and stocking your pantry.  Brenda at speaks from personal experience of living on less, way way less.  Come to think of it Patsy does as well.  They don't come from the perspective of choosing to live on less but having to live on less and trust me there is a huge difference.  If you've never read their blogs I highly recommend  you give them a try.  I think you will like them.

Well it's off to a doctor appointment.  BTW-do you stock up on medications?  That is something I will be doing to prepare.

Have a great day!

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