Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hoarding vs Stockpiling

I heard an interesting podcast this morning about hoarding.  It got me to thinking.  Where exactly is the line between stockpiling and hoarding?  When do we step over that line or is there a line?

I, like many, watched the Extreme Couponing shows on TLC when they were on.  Truth be told I still watch them!  LOL But many of these people I think are hoarders.  No one needs 800 razors or bottles of Gatorade or mustard or whatever.......................To be fair maybe they donated items to food banks or places that assist the disadvantaged but I really think that many of these folks love to have these huge stockpiles.

I think we all should stockpile items that we use regularly at the best prices we can find.  Seems simple enough.  What we each stockpile is up to us as we all have different tastes and likes and needs.  I believe it turns to hoarding when we continue to build that stockpile to unusable limits, like they will go bad before we can use them.  Now cleaning stuff won't go bad but do I need to have a hundred bottles?  The podcast also spoke of hoarding when we are so preoccupied with money that we agonize over every cent, wanting to have more and more and not willing to help others in their need.   Some blogs I enjoy reading are prepper style blogs and they post about being prepared for the worst and how they would not help others (folks who did nothing to prepare themselves)  if the worst happened.  They say will do anything to protect what they have stockpiled from looters.  I don't know if it will come to that but it does give me something to think about.

So I still think that the line between the two is different for all of us.  I may think you are a hoarder when in reality you aren't or vice versa.

Having huge pantries have saved many a folk when someone lost their job or they had an unexpected expense that drained their emergency fund.  That is NOT an example of hoarding in my humble opinion.
I like to keep tomato items in stock like Rotel or the generic equivalent, pasta sauce, pasta, cheese, cheese and more cheese, butter, meats when they are a good sale.  BTW, meats are harder to get at good prices these days along with eggs!

I'm going to start buying some gallons of water as well.  Kind of prepping/stockpiling in one!  To that end I think it wise to have candles, oil lamps, and extra batteries.  Oh the list can go on and on.

Here is a photo of my pantry.  It is quite small, really only one closet so I don't have alot of room.  Sluggy had a great post on what she stockpiles.  She gets amazing deals on so many things, it makes my head spin.   One of my favorite bloggers, Brenda even has a hospitality pantry in which she stockpiles items such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa, Pepperidge Farms Cookies and various treats to serve to family and friends.  Brenda lives on a majorly small budget but still loves beauty and bounty and sharing what she can.  That is what I aspire to be!

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