Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Calorific Day

So far we've snacked our way through Lititz. We toured the first pretzel bakery in the US and then the Wilbur Chocolate factory. It's been quite the tasty start to the day. Of course I did purchase a few items. After all we are vacationing. 

Notice my horrible attempt on making a pretzel. It was quite ugly but we had a good time. 

Wilbur buds are very tasty. I bought some of the milk chocolate ones and some Wilbur cocoa.  The Wilbur bud looks a lot like the Hershey kiss. We were told that Hershey took advantage of Wilbur. 

Lititz Pennsylvania is really quaint and pretty. Everyone we've met has been nice. I can't put a finger on it though. It looks very posh but then other areas look blue collar. If I lived here I think I'd be in the blue collar crowd. I get a little antsy when things are too fancy if you know what I mean. 

I loved driving in Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Strasberg and other places. It's gorgeous. For sure I think I could live simpler but I'd have to have air conditioning.  

This trip is showing me more of what I want. What I want my home to look like. We met some interesting folks at the BnB. Some people have really interesting hobbies and interests. 

I'm looking forward to how I incorporate what I'm learning into my life. Should be very interesting. Doing this frugally will be the quite the challenge. 

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  1. If you want to do some shopping there are the Outlets up in Reading at the old Vanity Fair mill. Lots of name brand outlets there....better to go during the week as the weekends are nuts!