Saturday, May 16, 2015

Skin Care and Make UP

Back some time ago I posted about my frugal skin care and make up.  Since then there has been a bit of a change.  For some reason my facial skin is wreaking havoc.  I have rosacea but also what seems like millions of bumps.  I've gone to the dermatologist and she told me to start using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion.  I asked what type of makeup was best and she said she really couldn't say one way or the other.  I've experimented using cheap foundations like Cover Girl to more expensive like Clinique.  The best I've found for me is Bare Minerals in the Fairly Light shade.  It covers the redness and most of the bumps better than any of the others.  I know that I should probably go sparingly with the foundation but it would be very intimidating to go out in public with skin the way mine is.  I'm getting more and more self conscious about it.  I think it costs $28 a jar.  Right now it's worth it.

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