Monday, May 25, 2015

Long Holiday Weekend

Well the long weekend is almost over, in fact as of 5:30 it was over.  That is the time I use because it is the end of my work day.  These past 3 days went by rather quickly and kind of boring.  We basically did nothing.  We did go out to eat Friday night but the rest of the time we were pretty much home bound.  The weather has been gorgeous.  It's too bad that I am allergic to most everything that grows outside.  It makes it difficult to do much outside.  The itching is so annoying.  I sat outside for less than an hour today and I've been itching since.  AND I take antihistamines years on end.

Can I let you in on a secret?  I personally like weekends in which we have nowhere to go.  DH loves to go here and there.  He acts like he is bored to tears if we don't have an activity planned for every waking moment but I enjoy staying home.  I find it relaxing and much more cost effective.  I'm not a fuddy duddy but I crave to be in my home away from the crowds.  Do you fill your weekend with activities or do you like peace and quiet?


  1. I love the peace and quiet as well. My dh has to be doing things all the time.

  2. Sounds like you are an introvert and he's an extrovert! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Too bad about the allergies!