Thursday, May 7, 2015

Frugal vs Cheap

Sometimes it pays to be cheap but sometimes it doesn't.  In fact, I think alot of the time it doesn't.  Now before someone goes what the what!!!!!!!!!!!Let me explain.  In 2009 I had major foot surgery.  I still have screws in my heel and will for the rest of my life unless they start coming out on their own.  I spent a lot of money and time getting better.  I could not walk for months.  A few different casts, crutches, physical therapy.  Needless to say..........good shoes are a must for me.  I simply can't buy shoes at Payless, Walmart, Target etc.................So far the best ones I've found are Clarks.  I've never tried Merrell or the other brands but Clarks works pretty good for me.  Yes they are very expensive.  A couple of times I've found some sandals at their outlet stores at good prices but my everyday shoes are always over $100.00.

I think that being frugal is way different than cheap, don't you?

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