Monday, April 27, 2015

Need Recipe Inspiration

I'm looking for frugal tasty dessert recipes. I really like chocolate. If ya'll have some please share. The more the merrier. 


  1. our favourite frugal dessert is Wobbly Wobbly pudding, which is jello and icecream or Carnation canned milk.

    Mix Jello with ONE cup of boiling water. Mix in a can of Carnation milk or 2 cups of icecream (vanilla) Pour into serving dishes and pop in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. We also add fruit, like canned peaches or mandarins to the dishes. Makes four servings.

    Sorry it's not chocolate :0)

  2. Hello Lee Ann :)

    On my blog you said you are going to be visiting a place in PA and if I had any suggestions of places to visit. I wasn't sure if you would return to the comments, so I thought I would answer here. :) I am not familiar with that area of PA at all, so I am no help! I'm so sorry! I hope you have a great trip though! :)