Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food Stamps

I watched a dvd entitled Food Stamped over the weekend. It really is quite interesting.  It helps that one of the participants is a chef/nutrionist by trade so she was able to whip up some stuff that most of us may not think of. But I digress...................

Husband and wife did a food stamp challenge for 1 week.  $50.00.  They live in California.  I've never participated in a food stamp challenge.  I've often thought of it but never could make that leap.

Has anyone here ever 1-been on food stamps and/or WIC?  and 2-participated in a challenge like this?

Looking at what my state pays, we live in North Carolina, the most 2 adults can receive is $357.00 a month if we meet the income restrictions.  $357 sounds like alot to me for 2 people and of course the money will increase if there are more in the family.

Now my mission here is to NOT start an argument either for or against food stamps.  I think we all are aware of fraud but I also am pretty sure that alot of the folks really need them.  My main beef (pardon the pun) with them are the restrictions that are on them.  For instance you can't buy bathroom tissue or toothpaste.  Last time I checked those items are necessities.  I'd much rather my taxes support bathroom tissue than a bag of chips and a Coke.  Recipients are not to buy premade items from the deli?  Really?  Again I'd rather someone buy a rotisserie chicken than twinkies but maybe that is just me.  Maybe I should not have an opinion in this.  After all I've never been in their shoes. 

I find myself on issues such as this somewhere in the middle.  I am a conservative Christian, if you know me that is nothing new.  LOL  I don't want to keep perpetuating problems but I don't want friends/family and especially children to go hungry either.

What is your opinion?  Should the system be overhauled and purchases closely monitored or allow folks to buy what they want?  Do we give a hand out or hand up or both?


  1. a lot of people on blogland are participating in this: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/us I am not one of them!!

  2. I agree with some of your points. I would prefer to see someone purchase a rotisserie chicken then the carts of sugary cereal I sometimes see. Also necessities like toilet paper and soap. I also wish that the benefits only were good for fresh produce, meat, fish, dairy, and basic ingredients like flour, sugar, cocoa etc.

  3. I do think that it is crazy that they can't buy 'real food' such as a rotisserie chicken, but can buy chips, soda, and twinkles. And I agree TP is a necessity!

    I want to help those who need a helping hand, but too many just live on welfare and food stamps and never have worked at all. I did see a show where a Mom of two who lived in Philly, was on assistance, then happily got a job. Problem was that the job put her at a level of not being able to get any assistance, so at times they didn't have enough to eat. She was trying really hard to provide for her young family!

    Lots of problems with the system, don't know if I have any real answers, other than loving our neighbors when we know of a need, or feel that nudge to help.



  4. WIC users cause holdups in lines because the customers unknowingly bought the wrong item. It is not the fault of the customer's fault, so I am patient. Only store brand pb is allowed. I would not want them to put the same rules on FS, so I could only buy WM pb. I am not on food stamps now, but I was.