Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Aldi Don't and Lunch

I love lemonade and drink it year round so I bought a frozen lemonade concentrate at Aldi. It's not good. It's almost a sour aftertaste. So far it's the only thing I won't buy again. 

Now onto lunch. Chicken tenders that had been marinating in a hatch green chile concoction since yesterday. Some Knoor noodles and "fake" Red Lobster biscuits. It was pretty good and yes we used paper plates because I haven't run the dishwasher yet. Lol


  1. Might it be cheaper to buy a bag of sugar and a bottle of lemon juice and make your own lemonade?

  2. I've tried that and it's okay but I still prefer others.

  3. Try Minute Maid two liter lemonade. Add a little red color. The pink lemonade from MM is hideous looking.

  4. love Red Lobster biscuits, never been to Red Lobsters in eons.

    Gill your newest follower, in Southern Ontario Canada