Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why Do Live Frugally/Simply?

Do you live this way to simply save money?  Is your budget so constrained that you have no choice?  Or possibly do you live simply so you have more to give to others?  I know that giving more to others seems counterproductive when you're trying to save but I think it helps us  as much as others. 

I read some Mennonite bloggers and find it refreshing to read how they live their simple life because of their faith. And it is not a "simple" thing to do. Sometimes in fact most times, a simpler lifestyle takes more effort and thought. It involves really considering our purchases.  Are they REALLY necessary or a want?  I don't know about you but I find most of my purchases are wants. I find this everywhere in my house or it would not be so filled with junk. 

Is anyone out there interested in a more simple life?  A simpler life may not be a more frugal life although I think the two have much in common. 

Is anyone considering living with less , spending less to be able to give more?

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  1. I suppose I spend less for many reasons, all of which you covered. Good post.