Thursday, March 5, 2015

Target Savings

Between coupons, my Target cartwheel and Target Red Card I saved $21.81. This by no means equals Sluggy's savings but it's good for me. I plan on transferring the $$ to my savings account. That way I actually did save it. 

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  1. $20 + is something to be proud of! : ) I am assuming that you also compared store brand prices vs out the door prices with coupons. Here in CT, double cpns up to 99 cents is common, and lately the coupons have been few, or are lousy such as 20 cents off Downy-that won't even cover the tax! More and more private labels here. BTW-do you use a lot of yeast? the packets are the most expensive way to go. I buy a $5 bag (friend gets it for me at BJ's and I reimburse her)twice a year, keep it in a glass jar. If not using a lot, it'd be fzn. HTH