Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's Too Cold

It's too cold for this part of North Carolina. I know yall up north will say quit your whining but we don't have this kind of cold very often.

Being frugal can make being warm a challenge. But I refuse to freeze or burn up in my house. I am not going to dress in multiple layers to keep warm. By multiple I mean anything over 2 items. I simply won't do that. I will cut other spending to accommodate for it. 

What do you do?


  1. Being cold is all relative. I am in Connecticut and we are having unusually cold temps. It may* warm up to 15 degrees today. Some suggestions:
    -take advantage of passive solar to heat the home
    -drink warm beverages
    -eat hot meals over cold
    -wear layers: pants, shirt w/sweater/vest/fleece or 2 shirts layered
    -keep feet warm. If my feet are cold, I am cold
    -close doors to rooms. If there are any drafts, they won't be as noticable
    -have thermostat warm house 15 minutes before you get up, and shut off 15 minutes before you turn in
    -see how low you can go, use flannel sheets, warm Pj's/nightgown, extra blankets/quilt
    -put on a hat-we lose most of our heat thru the tops of our heads
    My house is currently 65 degrees (set temp) and i took off my sweater as with the sun streaming in and doing some cleaning, I am warm enough. I also am nursing my second cup of hot coffee!

  2. Here in the mid-Atlantic we have winter weather every year but the last two have been seriously cold, and snowy. We have a wood stove to help us heat our house. We don't usually have to wear more than two layers, unless we will be out of doors for any length of time.

    We do use flannel sheets (a must in my book), and through an extra blanket if necessary on the bed.

    It must be hard for you who are not used to this weather! Your ideas sound like good ones.

    My kids also like to use throw blankets tossed in the dryer 15 minutes before bedtime to warm up the bed!

    Best wishes,