Monday, December 8, 2014

Called in Sick

This is the first time I have called in sick in over a year and a half.  What's wrong?  My back.  I had back surgery in 2013.  Things have been great until about 1 1/2-2 weeks ago.  I turned the water on to take a shower and it felt like my lower back just gave out on me, like it caved in.  And the pain returned.  I've been going to work every day since then and coming home and lying flat on my back on the bed with pillows under my knees and heating pad.  I've been using left over muscle relaxers from my surgery and even some dh's pain medication he has in case of kidney stones. I can not lean over the sink to wash my face, brush my teeth and forget picking up something in the shower if it falls.

I put the items I need in the shower higher up so I won't have to bend over and it still is very painful. right now as I type the pain is going down my left leg.

I called my ortho surgeon's office and got an appointment to see his physican assistant today.  I really hope this will blow over and that I won't need another surgery.

There ain't nothing remotely frugal about this post but I can say that reading has gotten me fired up to rev up my savings while paying down our debt.

For those who believe in the power of prayer please pray for me this afternoon at 3:20.  I also do not want to go through another spinal MRI.  I thought I would lose it the last time.  I felt like I was in a coffin.

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  1. All your complaints and symptoms are the same as mine. I hope you get relief soon and don't need surgery.