Saturday, November 1, 2014

Retirement...........the Next Great Adventure?

Personally I do not want to work full time to age 65 or 67.  I would dearly love to be able to retire and possibly work part time.  Our home will be paid for in 2017.  We have a small loan to pay, (remember our a/c and furnace replacement from this summer) as well.  My plan for the upcoming year, 2015, is to put as much into savings AND pay off the small equity line loan.

I was thinking today that my priorities are going to give to God, save and pay bills.  I would like to save an additional $2000 before the end of this year.  This will require me to be disciplined.  A trait that does not come naturally nor easy to me.  Trust me................I can make $ disappear faster than a speeding bullet.

I want a simple life going into retirement and plan on continuing that lifestyle once I do retire.  I want my time to be MY time not someone else's.  I want to be able to volunteer at soup kitchens and places like that but they only have available times during the week, during the day.  And of course I am working then.

Any of ya'll retired?  I bet you like it if you retired on your own terms!!

We are by no means ready for retirement, at least money wise.  For sure we don't have the millions of dollars that so called experts recommend.  DH knows of a couple that is retired but they live simply, drive older cars and seem to really enjoy their retirement life.  I don't know if they have the $$$ but I think they live the way they want right now.  Not extravagant and not miserly.

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