Sunday, November 16, 2014

Do You Cook Everything From Scratch

Me, no I do not but have been leaning more that way since processed foods are NOT good for us, generally speaking.  Now.........for those who do let's use this example.  Do you think that cooking lasagna from scratch is cheaper than let's say Stouffers?  In the past I've been able to get the Stouffer's Italiano lasagna for $6.99 and it lasted the 2 of us 3 meals.  It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that I could not buy all of the ingredients for that price.  What do you think?

This is homemade and quite delicious!


  1. I probably couldn't make 1 pan of lasagna for less than that but a lot of the ingredients come in a large enough quantity to make more than one tray. Then it could be frozen for later or be used for lunches for the week. When I make lasagna I usually make at least 2 pans at a time.

  2. I make lasagna whenever I've been able to amass the ingredients on sale.
    Lasagna noodles: Colombia brand 1 lb box are sold at Dollar Tree
    Mozzarella: Sorrento and Polly O often are on sale @ $1.99/lb block at Shoprite. I stock up and freeze ahead
    Cottage cheese and Ricotta: purchase when CC is under $2/lb tub out the door by combining sales and coupons, ditto Ricotta
    Marinara: get a $1 can of 29 oz tomato puree, add some Italian seasonings-done. Alternatively, you can buy Hunts or other canned sauce (less oz than the puree) at Dollar tree
    Parmensan: I keep this on hand, buying wedges of domestic and hand grate as needed. About $6/lb but even with the great amount of cooking I do, it lasts approx a month, so no worries.

    Once I have the aforementioned, I make trays of lasagna and freeze it ahead. My own version of convenience foods.

  3. This is something I'd have in the freezer as "an emergency I can't cook" meal. Though the sodium is rather high in the premade one.
    I prefer the taste of my homemade, plus I can control what goes into it.
    Sometimes taste/health trumps cost......