Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Grocery Haul

After church we stopped by Kroger and picked up our groceries.  We bought a big package of pork chops, bacon, sandwich meat, grapes, loaf of bread, 18 eggs, gum, potatoes, chip dip, spring mix for salads, peanut butter, tea for iced tea(hello this is the South!!), yogurts, coffee filters, a lemon pound cake mix, 2 packages of sliced cheese (provolone and white cheddar), bananas, chili seasoning, chili beans, 2 8 oz cans of tomato sauce, Crisco shortening sticks and a pound of ground beef.  This all cost $55.50.  We used 2 coupons to save a total of $4.00 plus many of the items we bought were on sale.  We saved a total of $13.76.

Here is a pic of the grocery haul

This is what we had for lunch today.  Homemade chili.  It's quite cool today in North Carolina.  In fact our mountains got 6 inches of snow!!!  Sweet!!!

the price of this chili is not bad.  The tomato sauce was .29 cents a can x 2 cans, the chili beans were .50 cents a can, the seasoning was .69 cents a packet.  The most expensive item was the ground beef that I bought a few months back from the farmer's market.  This pound of beef was quite expensive at $8.00 a pound.  I know,  way too expensive but I gave into the idea of supporting our local farms.

the finished product with a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese.

This stuff was very good if I say so myself!

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  1. I drink iced tea all winter. Like Jay Leno, I cannot understand why people drink anything hot.