Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Black Friday Vent? Maybe Not!

So I know I blog about frugality.  I read other frugal blogs.  I am part of a closed facebook group, the Non Consumer Advocate.  I am nowhere near some of those wonderful people in my frugality but I still like to read it and glean some knowledge while possibly disagreeing with some of them.  But hey! It is America, isn't it?

Anyhoo.................many of my frugal blog buddies are against shopping Black Friday.  Okay, I have no problem with that IF that is what THEY want to do -or not do in their case.  But please let those who DO WANT to shop that so and not heap a ton of guilt on them.

One of my facebook "friends" who I do not know made the comment that saving $45 was not worth her time to go out in the crowds.  And I say great for you.....however for many people on really tight budgets, the working poor who have to make their funds go as FAR as possible, that $45 may be just what they need to pay a bill or groceries.  We do NOT know the circumstances of our neighbors.  I am using the term neighbor loosely meaning anyone here.

Supporting local/small businesses is a WONDERFUL thing to do.  I myself have done so and plan on doing so in the future.  Having said that IF I were someone with very limited funds I may have to purchase my gifts at big box store or make them myself.  Sometimes small business owners have to charge higher prices due to time and costs to THEM to make these items.  Once again I have no problem with that.  It is expensive for them and they need to make a profit!  Again, I have no problem with small business owners and profits.  I have to pick and choose, according to my available funds, when to purchase with small owners and when to go big box or just plain retailers.

We need to give others the grace to use their funds as they see fit.  Yes we may think it is wasteful to buy that toy at Walmart instead of the vendor at the small business owner expo.  You may not want to support Walmart or Target or whoever.   That is for you to decide.  You may make all of your gifts and that is for you to decide.  You may buy all of your gifts online and that is for you to decide.  You may charge all of your gifts.  As much as I personally disagree with that.........that is for you to decide.  After all you, we, me all have to live with our decisions.  Do you want a credit card bill coming in January that you don't have the funds?  If not, start a Christmas account and put money aside every pay period to help offset the costs.

I hope no one out there thinks I am in any way degrading or being abusive here.  That is not my intention.  I just want us all to think before we make blanket statements on social media.  Remember we don't know the 'tone' of your voice with a post or tweet.  Most of us don't really know you so we have no idea you are being sarcastic or sincere.  We are all different.   We have different responsibilities, bills, concerns.  And some of us don't know whether we are going to able to afford Christmas at all no matter where, when or how we shop.  So no matter how we shop, whether mall, Amazon, or small business, let's try to give each other the grace space to make their own decisions on how to spend THEIR money and hopefully we all will agree to make room for those who are less fortunate than us.  And there are always those less fortunate than us.    BTW- I don't think we should Christmas is the ONLY time of the year that people need help but that is another post for another time.

Have a great Saturday.  We will be watching college football.  Let's go UNC Tar Heels, Appalachian State Mountaineers, the Irish of Notre Dame and Auburn!


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