Friday, October 10, 2014

Costco Yes or No?

We have a Costco membership, the basic one that cost $50.00.  The reason I bought it I HAVE to take allergy medicine every. single. day. of my life or I have problems.  I've been this way my entire life.  Well Allegra went generic and I can buy a bottle of 150 pills for $33.  Well today I saved $7 off of that price. So 5 months of allergy pills for $5 a month.  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along with that deal I scored 2 bottles of Ibuprofen-500 pills each for $8.99 and a huge package of bathroom tissue for $14.99.  30 rolls for .50 cents a roll.  That should last the 2 of us for awhile.

Some items I would never buy there because it would spoil too soon but for these items, it is worth it to me.

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