Sunday, August 31, 2014

It Ain't BBQ If It Isn't NC BBQ!!!!!

Pork barbeque is king here in the great north state!!!  I can't explain how delicious it is.  People move here from all over and fall in love with it shortly thereafter.  There is a big contest of eastern style bbq vs western style.  The eastern part of NC-well that sauce has vinegar in it and the western part of NC used ketchup in theirs.  I grew up eating western style.  MMM mmm good!!!  Thick and saucy but now that I am living right outside of Raleigh, you get eastern style mostly.  And that is good as well, different but still good!!

Today we went to The Pitt-it's been on the Food Network-Ed beat Bobby Flay in one of those competitions thingys.  You get both styles of sauces there so I put both on my chopped bbq and it was heavenly!!!  There were several men and boys from USA Baseball beside of us.  I asked one of the kids where they were from and he answered San Diego!!!  So The Pit must be pretty well known!!

We had a $12 gift card so we only owed a bit over $13.  Not bad for a good lunch!!!

Don't you want to eat some yourself?  Well come on down to Raleigh and I will take you there.  Be ready to wait though because the place is packed!!

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