Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas?

The most wonderful time of the year is a tad shy of 4 months away.  Are you ready?  Do you buy gifts right after the previous Christmas?  Are your gifts handmade or store bought?  Do you go all out with decorations and cooking all kinds of yummy foods?  Well now is the time to get in gear. A lot of baking supplies will go on sale closer to the holidays but you can make a detailed list of everything you'll need.

I have a Christmas club account. I put a small amount away every pay period.  It really helps in budgeting.

Do you travel out of town?  Will you need a hotel room?  We go to the in laws. My parents are deceased and my brother lives in Canada.  We don't have to pay for a hotel but gas money can add up.      Dh usually makes coffee ahead of time and takes it with him and I may take a bottle of water.  So food expenses really don't add up.

Every year we talk about hosting a party but we don't.  Maybe this year we will. That will make the budget increase.

I'm looking forward to the movies on the Hallmark Channel. Feel good movies that you can get lost in for a couple of hours and imagine yourself as the lead.

Well I will go now and start my own Christmas plan. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I love christmas planning. We use the money from our 2nd 3 pay check month for christmas shopping. That paycheck was two days ago and I'm itching to start shopping but I'm trying to hold off. I would love to make gifts this year. Home made beef jerky for my step dad and father in law, home made lotions and body scrubs for mom, sister, nieces. But some how I never get around too it. Or I start to buy the ingredients and feel like its getting too expensive and I just stop.

    1. I've noticed that as well. Homemade is not always cheaper and if you are on a limited budget that could cause a problem.