Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cotton Balls and Q Tips

So dear friends do you use cotton balls and/or Q tips in your beauty routine?  In my quest to get rid of unneeded things these 2 items have popped up in my mind.  Do I really need them to either remove or apply makeup?  If I don't use them, what will I use?

I came across some facial pads on Marley's Monsters etsy shop.  I think they are supposed to take the place of cotton balls for stuff like removing makeup and such.  They are made of flannel, double thickness and washable.

So where do you fall?  Qtips or no Qtips...........that is the question!

The Dial Body Wash is upside down because I'm trying to get the utmost out of it before recycling


  1. I don't have a beauty routine, other than soap and water and I use Q-tips to clean my ears so no cotton balls here.
    You could just use some old flannel laying around your house to make your own make-up removal pads. Got a ratty old night gown or a sheet ready to be thrown out? Recycle it into flannel squares for your face. And they will be softer than buying new flannel pads to use too.