Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Hurricane Season in North Carolina

yet again.  Hurricane Arthur is heading our way.  We live about 2 hours inland but we can still have some major problems.    In 1996 Hurricane Fran hit NC.  When it hit here in Wake County it was still a category 1 hurricane and did MAJOR damage.  In fact Wake County was one of the worst hit areas during that storm.  Our home was damaged pretty bad but still not as bad as some folks.  We had tarps on our roof for about 6 months waiting for it to be repaired.  We needed repairs to the dining room, 2nd bedroom, the entire roof needed replaced and the overhang on our wrap around porch needed repair. 

So are we prepared for this storm?  Not really.................but we will be.  Maybe not for this one but I am getting supplies together to help us in time of need during any type of natural disaster.  You know the usual suspects..........batteries, candles plus a lot of the things I read about in the Survival Mom book.

Are you prepared for a storm and possible damage and/or power outages?

I'm sure I'm speaking to the choir but when storm talk is all you hear on the tv and radio it pays to have your cell phone charged up at all times.  You never know when the power will go out.  Where I work and live we lose power at the drop of a hat.  Does you flashlight have fresh batteries?  Do you have candles available?  What about water?  I know some people are totally against bottled water but trust me that bottled water can come in very handy during bad times. 

A battery operated radio is good to have.  I know you can listen to the radio via smartphones but I prefer to save that battery as much as possible. 
this is NOT my emergency stash but examples of what I do have on hand right now

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