Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Feel Like a Failure

Our a/c stopped working today.  It is the high 80's and will only get higher as the week progresses.  It is simply too hot here in North Carolina to not have a/c.  We do have 2 box fans in the den right now along with the ceiling fan.  Going. full. blast.  It's actually not too bad but this is not what I want do for days on end. 

Here is why I feel like a failure:  we don't have enough in the emergency fund to cover the replacement of the a/c.  Why don't we get it just repaired?  Because 2 years ago the same thing happened.  We were told it would happen again but they weren't sure when.............Fast forward 2 years and we are at square one and that is I feel like a failure.  It is our fault that we don't have the funds set aside.  I can not blame it on expenses, however we did have quite an expensive year in 2013 with my back surgery.  I can not blame it on the economy.  I can only blame us. No matter how hard I try or how many blogs I read on frugality the plain truth is I spend $$ on things I don't NEED and that HAS to STOP!  Right now! This very minute.  I imagine that a new one will cost at least 6000.00.  And I think that is most likely on the low side. 

I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me and I'm also not asking someone to get holier than thou with me on how they would never be in this spot.  I know there are some hard core frugalistas out there who can and do run circles around me.  I'm asking for kindness when responding.   And maybe some prayers for some nice cold Canadian air to come our way for a couple of weeks until this all blows over.  LOL


  1. I think we've all been there at one point. Big hugs (& cool air) coming your way! Take a step back to figure out next steps, and after you've had a chance to cool off (no pun intended ;-)), you can get back to the budgeting & planning.

  2. We had to get a new furnace this year. Check out the prices. We did pay cash for it (the emergency fund), but he only charged 1900 total, including labor.

  3. If any cool breeze comes to south central PA, I will gladly push it in your direction! We had the plumber/HVAC guy we have used for years come to measure and discuss central air and are waiting nervously for the estimate. He gave us a ball park of 7500-8000. We have gas hot water heat with baseboards, a brick ranch house that is roughly 1800 sq ft.. He is spoken for till sometime in AUGUST! The mammoth a/c unit in our living room is over 20 years old and still working well, but cools only the living room and helps a bit with the dining room and kitchen. The a/c unit is my sewing studio conked. We have the money in savings, but we just spent 1800 last week on a new lawn tractor, 4100 since Dec for 3 of my molars, 300 on the installation of 3 glass block windows in the basement, 200 for the co-pay for DH's thyroid surgery plus he missed over 2 weeks of part time work. We see the flow of green out of our wallets, too!