Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cuts to the Budget if the A/C Can Holdout

Tonight someone comes over to discuss our a/c situation.  Price etc......................I've figured that IF we can holdoff on a new unit until next year we will need to cut $375 from our budget to have the funds saved up.  Is this possible?  Yes.  Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Will we still have some fun kick around money?  I don't know.  If we do it will be very little.  Maybe this is what I need to kickstart me to really save.

Will give update when we know more.


  1. If you can't put it off a year I assume you will have to finance it. Will you still cut the $375 and have it paid off in a year? Something to think about.

  2. We do have access to funds, a line of credit, that we do not use. It has a zero balance. The interest rate is MUCH lower than a general loan. Then yes I would pay the same $375.00 to get it paid off early.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by!! After working for 36 years so far at full time and with 31 of those years being night shift, I need to cut back because of health issues before I end up on disability. My hubs is retiring in 2-3 years also so we are working on a retirement plan......Thant is why I have to hold out for 18 more months....