Friday, July 4, 2014

Are Frugal and Cheap the Same Thing?

Has being cheap actually cost you more in the end?  The answer to that would be yes for me on certain purchases.  Now dh he will buy ANYTHING with the Kroger label.  I'm game for it at least once.  If I don't like it we can always go back to the name brand if we don't like it.  I will admit there are certain items that I am particular about.  Take cheddar cheese.  I grew up eating Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese and really nothing compares to it.  I will buy generic sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese but my cheese of choice is Cracker Barrel. 

Shampoo and/or various hair products.  I'm a fan of the Clear brand.  It's more expensive than Suave but way cheaper than those in salons.  Hairspray.............I like Pantene or Vidal Sassoon  (the type you buy in the stores) .  I've tried the cheaper ones and they don't hold my hair nearly as well.  I find I have to use more to accomplish the same hold in the more expensive products.  So in this case buying the more expensive brand is more FRUGAL in the long run but not CHEAPER.

Are there some products that you won't buy in generic?  Are the some generics that you SWEAR by?  Please share!!

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  1. Cheap and Frugal are totally different.
    Being cheap means you forego quality even if being cheap means you end up paying more in the end because you buy shoddy goods.
    Buying a more expensive item may last longer than buying the cheapest choice....thus being frugal in this case is the better choice.
    Cheapest food may not be as good for your health, thus be frugal and buy the inexpensive choice that helps you be well.
    Frugal is the good side of parsimony, cheap is the bad side.