Monday, July 7, 2014

A/C Update

drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!  They put in Freon (spelled correctly?) because we have a leak.  hmmm.........we already knew that part.  Tomorrow someone will come out to give us estimates on the cost of replacing the A/C versus furnace and A/C.  The repair guy said the furnace looks good so most likely it will be just the A/C.

Total cost today was only $297.  The cost of the A/C will most likely be around 4000-4500.

Stay tuned to The Hot and the Stupid!!


  1. Can't they find the leak and fix/replace a piece of the ductwork or is the leak in the compressor?

    The $12K system we put in last Fall can't seem to hold the refrigerant. The idiot repair man this company contracts won't tighten the nuts enough(he's scared of cracking them)and thus, over time with the vibrations, the refrigerant leaks out.

  2. To repair the coil would cost over 2000.00