Saturday, June 28, 2014

Would You Clear the Shelves

if you found a hard to find item at an unbelievable price?  Would you consider the shoppers who come after you?  Is it first come first serve?

I've mentioned a few times that I have a skin condition that according to my doctors needs an antibacterial soap when I shower.  My favorite is Dial Gold Body Wash.  I know Dial makes other antibacterial scents however sometimes those scents make me wheeze as I have asthma.  When I was first diagnosed Dial Gold was easy to find.  Then Target stopped stocking it and I can't find it at Walmart.  So.......imagine my surprise when I found that a Walgreens about 7 miles away stocks it.  So last weekend I found it and it was on sale -2 for $6.  Only someone or perhaps many others bought all of the Gold bottles.  They did leave 1 and I bought it.  I went today and the price went back to $5.49.  I really don't want to pay that price so I left it there.  I have 2 bottles of the Gold, 1 bottle of the Lavender (lavender is not a scent I typically like) in my stockpile. 

If I find this awesome sale again would you clear the shelf or leave some for others.


  1. Couldn't you have asked for a raincheck?

  2. If there were only 4 or 5 bottles and it was a great deal, I would have bought them all. If someone needed some and wasn't able to buy it, they could always ask for a rain check. If there were 20 bottles, I probably wouldn't clear the shelf though just because I wouldn't want to spend that much money.

  3. Ditto Ripples. I would never buy 20 of something, but 4 or 5 of something that I really needed & was hard to find? Sure.