Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Economic of Cleaning Solutions

So I said I would talk about some cleaning solutions that are good for the environment.  I have a lot of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning stuff.  Mostly dish detergent and general cleaning spray.  Why?  Well..............because I like the way they smell.  There I said it....I've always associated clean with scents.  Ridiculous I know but it is what it is. 

Truth be told I think blue Dawn works much better.  I need less of Dawn.  So really the economics says to use Dawn but I have a ton of this stuff so I will use it up and have a wonderful smelling home.

The Cranberry dish detergent smells WONDERFUL

I also know that many people use a water and vinegar solution for most cleaning problems.  I too use this at times.  When I do I always add an essential oil to make it more palatable.  Now that is really the most economical.

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