Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Williamsburg, Va Pics

We went to the colonial city of Williamsburg, Va for a few days.  Beautiful place.  Would love to have a small, small Williamsburg style home.   Here are a few scenes. 

and this is what we drove home to down Highway 64
It was hot as all get out.  I am so glad I did not live during those times.  I think the townsfolk would've run me out of town for complaining. 
In addition dh thinks he may have broken a bone in his foot jogging yesterday morning so it's off to the doctor tomorrow.  Ahh..................good times.  Welcome home!
P.S.------------we did NOT spend all of our money.  In fact we have over $150.00 left!! I will use that to put on the credit cart.  I made the reservation via our Visa but had already saved up enough to cover it so now we are a bit on the plus side.

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