Saturday, June 7, 2014

Organics-Do You or Don't You?

Seems like more and more simple/frugal living blogs are discussing organics and how they are incorporating organics in their budgets.  Some people feel really strong about this while others take a more conservative approach.

I will be honest.  As much as I would love to have more organics I simply find it price prohibitive.  When you are trying to watch the pennies you have to weigh the costs.  Some of blogs I read are quite combative about it as well.  You know if you don't eat an entirely organic diet then you are condemning your body and the planet.  It's like there is some kind of moral high ground being an organic eater. 

If you are an organic proponent please share how you do it on a limited budget.  I would love to read it so I could get some pointers.

I will do another post shortly on some cleaning products that I use that aren't exactly organic but they are supposed to be better for us.

Until then......................

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  1. As much as possible, I do organic, but I must remain within my tight budget. A few tricks I have:
    -shop the marked down sections of the store for organics-you never know what you'll find
    -join an organic Farm CSA. While it's a chunk of $ up front, it's much more affordabe and I know where my food is coming from
    -grow your own
    -eat seasonally
    -try Aldi's, they have an ever exending organic section


  2. I have a hard time with the cost of organics also. When I went to visit my dad in California, I was surprised to see that they pretty much buy organic everything. And the prices were ridiculous. I think we spent over $400 for groceries for the week. Luckily they realized a lot of it was their doing so they picked up 2/3's of the bill. I buy organic when it makes sense and is available. Aldi has Organic mixed salad and baby spinach in containers for $2.49. I usually buy one of those and then buy a regular pack of lettuce and mix them together to make a giant salad bowl for the week.
    I've found that I can sometimes get organic zucchini or apples at not much more of a higher price than non-organic at Acme. I just make it a habit to walk through the organic section when I'm buying produce to peak at the prices. If it isn't more than $.10 - $.20 more per pound for the organic, then I go that way.
    I figure the more I can add in organics the better, but I'm not going sweat it if our diet isn't all organic. Cause that's not gonna happen. I'm too cheap.