Saturday, June 28, 2014

Would You Clear the Shelves

if you found a hard to find item at an unbelievable price?  Would you consider the shoppers who come after you?  Is it first come first serve?

I've mentioned a few times that I have a skin condition that according to my doctors needs an antibacterial soap when I shower.  My favorite is Dial Gold Body Wash.  I know Dial makes other antibacterial scents however sometimes those scents make me wheeze as I have asthma.  When I was first diagnosed Dial Gold was easy to find.  Then Target stopped stocking it and I can't find it at Walmart.  So.......imagine my surprise when I found that a Walgreens about 7 miles away stocks it.  So last weekend I found it and it was on sale -2 for $6.  Only someone or perhaps many others bought all of the Gold bottles.  They did leave 1 and I bought it.  I went today and the price went back to $5.49.  I really don't want to pay that price so I left it there.  I have 2 bottles of the Gold, 1 bottle of the Lavender (lavender is not a scent I typically like) in my stockpile. 

If I find this awesome sale again would you clear the shelf or leave some for others.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

How do You Calculate Savings?

Let's say that can of Rotel is normally $1.29 and Kroger has it for $.99 cents.  You buy a few cans to stock up.  Have you saved .30 cents a can or did you just not spend $1.39 a can?

What what you say?  Well I've read where some bloggers think they've saved the .30 cents a can while others says they didn't save it, they just didn't spend it.  To save it you would have to actually put the .30 a can savings in the savings account.

So where are you in this question? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Air Conditioning

I just want to thank God that we have AC.  It is hot as blazes here in North Carolina.  96 degrees.  Too hot for me.  I am looking forward to Fall!!

I do not know how folks live without AC.  It's a good think I was not born in the colonial days.  They would kick me out for sure.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blah Back Porch

Here is my very blah back porch.  I want to make it pretty with various plants.  I also want to accomplish this on a not so large budget.

I'm really tired of it being so blah.  I'm not quite sure why I am getting fired up about it now but it needs some umph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trying to Spruce Up the Yard

Somehow when God was giving out decorating and garden genes He skipped me.  I am NOT gifted in that way but I do so admire others for their beautiful homes and yards/gardens.  So basically our home is well.................basic.  Not horrible but certainly not that homey, warm, cuddly feeling that I get when looking at others.  So I have made up my mind that I WILL be making some changes and hopefully for the better and I WILL decorate and do some things in the yard.

Now accomplishing this on a small budget will be quite the challenge.  Many of the blogs that I like get almost all of their items at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.  So that is what I am going to start doing as well.  I have to admit I don't find much at Goodwill or the Salvation Army but I won't give up.  It's a brand new me.  I'm trying to be more hospitable AND doing this in a warm and comfy home.  Note I did not say spotless or expensive but warm and homey on a small budget.  I know I will be able to do this but it is going to be a long process.  LOL

Here are 2 items we did today to kind of spruce up the front a bit.

A hummingbird feeder

and....................a plant for our planter out front to add a bit of color

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to DH!!!

He turns 54 today so we went to the Hibernian Pub in downtown Raleigh.  He loves Irish Pubs!!

Then we went to Edible Art for 2 pieces of cake.  Why didn't I make one?  Good question.  Basically I forgot!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Williamsburg, Va Pics

We went to the colonial city of Williamsburg, Va for a few days.  Beautiful place.  Would love to have a small, small Williamsburg style home.   Here are a few scenes. 

and this is what we drove home to down Highway 64
It was hot as all get out.  I am so glad I did not live during those times.  I think the townsfolk would've run me out of town for complaining. 
In addition dh thinks he may have broken a bone in his foot jogging yesterday morning so it's off to the doctor tomorrow.  Ahh..................good times.  Welcome home!
P.S.------------we did NOT spend all of our money.  In fact we have over $150.00 left!! I will use that to put on the credit cart.  I made the reservation via our Visa but had already saved up enough to cover it so now we are a bit on the plus side.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Would you pay $5 for a dozen free range eggs?

Really?  Can you tell the difference?  This goes along with the organic discussion.  A month or so ago I found large eggs for .99 cents a dozen at Target.  Naturally I bought a dozen.  DH would have a conniption if I paid $5 for a dozen eggs.

The Economic of Cleaning Solutions

So I said I would talk about some cleaning solutions that are good for the environment.  I have a lot of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning stuff.  Mostly dish detergent and general cleaning spray.  Why?  Well..............because I like the way they smell.  There I said it....I've always associated clean with scents.  Ridiculous I know but it is what it is. 

Truth be told I think blue Dawn works much better.  I need less of Dawn.  So really the economics says to use Dawn but I have a ton of this stuff so I will use it up and have a wonderful smelling home.

The Cranberry dish detergent smells WONDERFUL

I also know that many people use a water and vinegar solution for most cleaning problems.  I too use this at times.  When I do I always add an essential oil to make it more palatable.  Now that is really the most economical.

Organics-Do You or Don't You?

Seems like more and more simple/frugal living blogs are discussing organics and how they are incorporating organics in their budgets.  Some people feel really strong about this while others take a more conservative approach.

I will be honest.  As much as I would love to have more organics I simply find it price prohibitive.  When you are trying to watch the pennies you have to weigh the costs.  Some of blogs I read are quite combative about it as well.  You know if you don't eat an entirely organic diet then you are condemning your body and the planet.  It's like there is some kind of moral high ground being an organic eater. 

If you are an organic proponent please share how you do it on a limited budget.  I would love to read it so I could get some pointers.

I will do another post shortly on some cleaning products that I use that aren't exactly organic but they are supposed to be better for us.

Until then......................

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Low Do You Go?

Do you have a bare minimum standard?  By that I mean, do you blindly put a long line of toothpaste on your brush or just a small bit?  Do you use more the recommended amount of laundry and dish washer detergent or do you shake just a bit more?  Do you wash, rinse & repeat or is once enough?

The reason I ask is there are tons of everyday activities that I do and don't pay attention to the "small" details. 

I first heard of this whilst reading The Tightwad Gazette.  Amy D would see how low she could go without losing effectiveness.  If she did notice a less than desirable outcome she would bump it up just a tad bit.

Do you go low?  And if so on what items?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Individual Savings

So I've finally decided that having accounts and/or envelopes for various projects/items is best for me.  By that I mean that I have established separate envelopes for hockey tickets, and an alternate heating option.  This is in addition to accounts for vacation and Christmas plus the emergency fund.  This may sound like too much for some people but I find it is best for me.  If I have it all in one big account, I find that I lose track of what the funds are for. 

How do you set aside your funds for such thing?

On Saturday I helped a local vendor by purchasing some soap and lip balm made locally.  Yah for me!!
I've already tried the Granny Smith apple soap.  Yummo!