Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why are Ladies Undergarments so Expensive?

I am ..........umm..........rather busty.  Because of said bodacious bustiness I can not buy bras at Target or Walmart.  I like a certain brand and style.  It seems to work best for my bustiness.  I like Bali minimizers.  Regular price is between $38-$40!!!  It's just a bit of fabric with some elastic for goodness sakes. 

Well in 2009 I found the motherlode of sales at the Belk Black Friday sale.  I got 6 of those bad boys (or girls) for $48!!!!  You got that right!!!

The underwire on the last one finally broke and I had to buy more today.  I did a little googling on the old internet and found a BOGOF at JC Penney.  I got 4 for a grand total of $64.01.  Now dumb me didn't know there was a coupon of get $10 off a purchase of $25 and of course the cashier did not offer it.  But still that was a good deal.  My bodacious self can rest assured that I will have brand spanking new foundation pieces.  Don't you just love the looks of a brand new white bra?  It looks so clean and yet it will never look that way again.  You start to wear them and slowly but surely they start to look dull, dingy, kind of yucky but I refuse to throw away until that wire snaps. 

Do you toss yours in the washer or hand wash?  I guess the "frugal" thing would be to hand wash to make them last longer.

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  1. I don't have the busty problem. I did buy bras for $3.50 that were a bit of nylon and even less lace. Now, I just make a bra that cuts down on the jiggle factor.

    About 30 years ago, I was telling my very busty friend about hanging bras indoors. I said, "You know how when you hang bras over a hanger they slide off?" She said, "NO Linda, I don't know anything about that. Mine would stay there in a gale."

    Of course, I laughed because I realized hers are the kind that come with the formed cut. My little nylon ones let me do the Now that I am heavier, I hate hate HATE having more bust.

    I washed mine by hand and hung to dry. If I put a bra in the washer, it would be in a mesh bag. Now, I throw in the one I made into the washer with black pants and hang on the towel rack in the bathroom.

    Did you know you can buy new underwires?