Monday, May 26, 2014

I Made This!!!

Homemade Ranch Dressing!!!!  I finally took the plunge and tried it and I have to say it is pretty good.  It needs to sit a bit to let the flavors mix together but I am excited about it.

It has 1/2 cup mayo, buttermilk, sour cream, dried chives, parsley, dill, garlic and onion powder, and salt and pepper.  That's it!!!!!

I got the recipe from Allrecipes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Frugal Home Decor

I am so bad at creating a "homey" home.  When the decorating chips were handed out they skipped me.  I am not crafty and I can't decide if I like country, coastal, Colonial etc........well you get it.  I like a mishmash of things.

How do you guys furnish your homes?  Do you do thrift stores?  Brenda has a home filled with thrift store finds and it is lovely.  I go to thrift stores and find NOTHING!  Katy finds great thrift store items as well.  What am I missing?

I don't want a home out of Restoration Hardware as I think that can look kind of cold, just my opinion, so don't flame me if you have a home filled with it!  LOL

Please share photos of your home so I can get some kind of inspiration going.  Remember it needs to be relatively inexpensive but still look good.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Price of Groceries

Good grief Batman!!  We just got back from Kroger.  Spent a tad over $106!!!  Whew groceries are going through the roof!!

Having said that our freezer is busting at the seam so we do have plenty of food.  Thanks be to God!!

This is Where I Worship

We attend Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary, NC.  Resurrection is a part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, LCMS.

It's wonderful to be able to worship without fear of imprisonment or the threat of death like some or our Christian brethren in other parts of the world.

Friday, May 16, 2014

First Time

I am happy to say that this pay period is the first time in a VERY LONG time that I did not "rob" from the money market to make up for the fact that I did not plan the spending very well.

Now to some of you this may sound like a"duh" moment but for me it is exciting.  A move in the right direction.

I got paid on the 15th.  I took out $$ for clothes, another source of heat for the winter, and hockey tickets.  I know that hockey games are not a necessity but we can afford it and I am starting putting a little bit aside every pay period so I can spend the $$ and not feel bad when hockey season starts us for fans like us whose team loses and doesn't make the playoffs.

The other source of heat for the winter:  we are considering either a kerosene heater or this heater I heard about from Jenn Fowler on  She has a buddy heater that runs on propane.   We have a lot of small propane tanks that we use for tailgating when we go to Appalachian STate football games.   And I know that it is just spring and winter is a ways off but I want to be prepared for it.

I miss reading Judy's blog because she was always planning ahead.  I sure hope, if she reads this, she knows she is missed and I hope she is doing better.

Any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday filled with Wonder

It is wonderful to wake up to a new day, a new beginning.  Each day is a gift from God.  Some days feel like booby prizes instead of gifts but I know that God is there.  He cares about me.  He cares enough to have His son Jesus Christ die for me and shed his blood so that my sins are forgiven.

It is truly a wonder why God would do that for me.  I mean I don't deserve it.  I don't always acknowledge him or thank Him for his goodness, His mercy, His grace.  Praying the last few mornings has been really neat.  I am learning more about Him.  I'm trying to just ask for me me me and ask for others and simply ask for more of Him.

You know sometimes I think that this frugal/simple journey relies on me and my strength and that is wrong.  Yes it is up to me to do what I can, to be a responsible steward but it is He who is my strength, my shield, my portion.  God is my provider.  Not Kroger, not coupons (although the correct use of them is, at least I think, part of said provision).  God gives me knowledge to use to make those dollars go further.  May He continue to help me on this course.

Have a blessed day ya'll!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

To Judy

I just saw that you've taken down your blog.  I will miss you and your updates.  They were really inspiring.

I hope you can keep in touch.

Please email me sometime to let me know you are.

Lee Ann

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why are Ladies Undergarments so Expensive?

I am ..........umm..........rather busty.  Because of said bodacious bustiness I can not buy bras at Target or Walmart.  I like a certain brand and style.  It seems to work best for my bustiness.  I like Bali minimizers.  Regular price is between $38-$40!!!  It's just a bit of fabric with some elastic for goodness sakes. 

Well in 2009 I found the motherlode of sales at the Belk Black Friday sale.  I got 6 of those bad boys (or girls) for $48!!!!  You got that right!!!

The underwire on the last one finally broke and I had to buy more today.  I did a little googling on the old internet and found a BOGOF at JC Penney.  I got 4 for a grand total of $64.01.  Now dumb me didn't know there was a coupon of get $10 off a purchase of $25 and of course the cashier did not offer it.  But still that was a good deal.  My bodacious self can rest assured that I will have brand spanking new foundation pieces.  Don't you just love the looks of a brand new white bra?  It looks so clean and yet it will never look that way again.  You start to wear them and slowly but surely they start to look dull, dingy, kind of yucky but I refuse to throw away until that wire snaps. 

Do you toss yours in the washer or hand wash?  I guess the "frugal" thing would be to hand wash to make them last longer.

Thoughts on Walmart

Do you think that Walmart is the devil in disguise or do you shop there because they have the best prices on items you purchase?

I regularly read a blog, and the blogger  is interested in frugal living, living the village homesteading lifestyle and sustainability.  I enjoy her blog a lot.  She also is a Walmart mom. I think at various times Walmart will ask the bloggers to either try certain products or do things and blog about them.  These items can be purchased at Walmart. 

I know there are many people who have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to Walmart but........try to take yourself out of that opinion.  IF you only have a very little sum of money AND the best price is at Walmart would you go there?

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the store.  Every time I go it is so very busy.  It doesn't matter when either.  They never have enough cashiers.  Having said that I do find they have some really good deals on certain items and I do go there for them.

Recently the stores got voted worst for customer service in some kind of trade magazine.  I can see that.  It is hard to find an associate many times.  I think that WM is doing what many other employers are doing.  Making employees do more with less staff actually working. 

I will continue to shop at WM for the items that I need there that are the best price. 

For those who abhor the company, I will venture to say that I'm sure many of the complaints are true.  But I'm sure those same complaints can be said of many employers.  I totally understand the concerns that many mom and pops stores have closed because they can not compete.  I don't know how to fix that that problem.  It's easy to say well just shop at the mom and pops place.  That is easy to say but again if you only set amount of money to spend you have to balance where you want to spend said dollars.

I love Target.  There is one just down the road from me.  Generally it is less busy and cleaner.  At least in my area.  Many of their prices are lower than WM but there is quite a bit of difference on others.

What do you think?