Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do You Hang Your Clothes Out to Dry?

I know that some folks think that hanging out the laundry on a line is the epitome of frugal/simple and environmental living. Well for people like myself who are deathly allergic to pollen, rag weed and all kinds of stuff outside, it can be quite dangerous.  That is why I do not hang out any clothes.  I take 1 antihistamine plus Singulair every single day of my life to be able to breathe like a normal person.  I use a dryer.  I do hang some pieces that really shouldn't be in a dryer but other than that I crank up the old dryer.  Shh....................don't tell the frugal police.  LOL


  1. No frugal police. While I do hang up year round, including outdoors when possible (45 degrees F and up), I understand allergies. We all do what we have to-if you can't save electric/gas because you need the dryer-cut your utilities by using small appliances vs the oven, for example. Comes out in the end.

  2. If it is too cold and damp, hanging out clothes is painful and fruitless. If it is warm and pretty out and allergens are out, NO! In the spring before pollen and in the middle of the summer and in the fall AFTER the leaves have fallen, I can hang things out. However, I really should dry everything in the house. I do hang panties and socks year round, in or outside. Sometimes, I use pant hangers to hang towels in a doorway. I hang all my blouses and pants, usually indoors.

    So, not using the clothesline does not mean using the dryer.

    A few weeks ago, I had strep throat on a Monday and severe bronchitis by Wednesday. Then, I had a regular allergist appointment and had 11 prescriptions in about ten days.

    In the winter, the oven helps to dry clothes because I use the ceiling fan to push warm air down, therefore drying the clothes hanging in the door. I hang clothes near a space heater and hang clothes in the bathroom door and turn on the ceiling fan, even in winter to circulate the space heater heat.

    In the summer, the small ac helps to dry things hanging in the doorway. So, my methods are a mix. Somedays, I hurt too much to hang things out or in, so I just toss them in the dryer.

    I cook many meals at once, so I do use less electricity than cooking everyday. Plus, I just was given a crock pot. I don't relish a high utility bill, but I cannot afford to be ill for weeks, wheezing, and with earaches and coughing. I am very frugal in other ways, even though I rarely use the dryer.

    1. I don't turn on the oven to dry clothes, but when I do use the oven, the heat helps dry clothing.

  3. I have terrible allergies, too, so I hang my stuff in the garage on an old coat rack.