Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are Your Friends Frugal?

I mean other than the frugal blogger friends?  I personally don't really know anyone who is interested what I am.  I mean I have some acquaintances who are into organic food and environmental issues, which I do admire, but...........I find that I can not be organic with all of our food.  It is way too expensive.  I have a Facebook page and I just don't see any of my friends showing interests in homesteading or chickens or what have you.  Sometimes I feel like a blast from the past.  I tried to go to a simple living group a few years back on meet up but only one other person showed up and we didn't really click.  Her idea of simple living was different from mine.  She seemed more philosophical where I wanted to meet folks who live it not just talk about it so I could get some pointers.

Are you a Lone Ranger or do you have posse?


  1. Lone Ranger :-p. Since going 'frugal' the ladies I 'lunched' with find it awkward to be in conversation as most of what the conversation is is: 'let's go ____!' (insert any place that extracts funds from your wallet) And they are all in debt.

  2. I''m lucky to have a posse.

    I have a friend at work that is a lot like me. We are always on the look out for deals and coupons. But then we both have a weakness to want to splurge on a nice meal and a couple drinks every once in a while.

    Then I have a friend that has to be very frugal, so it works out great that she is the one that I am always trying to find fun cheap kid friendly events for her and I to go to.

    I also have an expensive friend. That I know if we are going to do something it usually includes lunch, a few drinks and a spa. I save up for those outings.

    But all of the above friends don't have a lot of debt, if any. I know because we talk about it. I guess I have a good mix of friends with similar interests to me and depending on my spending mood, I always have someone to hang out with and know that we will be on the same page.

  3. Lone Ranger. Very lonely. I've learned to keep my mouth shut and not talk about it with friends and family. First off, they don't believe money is tight for me because I am an expert at hiding it. I'm an excellent money manager and can make a dollar out of ninety nine cents. But it's best I keep mum. Truthfully, it's nobody's business anyway. I've also mastered the art of saying 'no' without anybody really noticing that I've said 'no'. I just simply have another appointment to do. If it weren't from my frugal blogging buddies, I'd scream! :)

    1. if it weren't 'for' my frugal blogging buddies......... sorry. typo.