Saturday, March 1, 2014

Possible Medical Expenses that We Don't Have the $$

DH has had bad shoulder pain for a long time.  He went to see his primary care doc this past week.  He wants an Ortho to see it, he thinks it could be a rotator cuff injury that MAY require surgery.  But that's jumping the ship.  I imagine first the Ortho will order an MRI.  DH has not met his deductible, in fact I think he hasn't rung up any charges towards it at all.  I have no idea what a shoulder MRI costs but I do know what a back MRI costs since I had one in late 2012.  I think my part was $500.00.  Now we can swing the $500 but the possible surgery is another story entirely.  When I had my back surgery last April, the hospital asked for $2000.00 up front since I had not met my deductible.  I charged it since I didn't have 2 grand just sitting around.

I guess we could ask the hospital to bill us if that happens?  I know hospitals offer payment plans.  Just when the only debt we have is the house up pops this.  Wow..................

Any suggestions?


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  1. I just came across your blog. You mention a deductible, do you have a high deductible medical insurance plan? is there a health savings account attached to it? my employer just moved us, effective 7/1/13 to a high deductible plan ($4000 for a family). Once we hit that, all "in plan provider" expenses are covered at 100% unless there are additional caveats such as a limit to the number of physical therapy visits allowed per calendar year. We continue to have 2 x's year dental cleanings, and all regular well care physicals and women's physicals are covered @ 100%-regardless of our status of the deductible.

    I just had rotator cuff surgery Jan 2014. A series of X rays taken first didn't show anything. 2 weeks later-MRI ($830 for in plan discounted rate)which showed 3 out of 4 torn tendons and a complete labrum tear. I was a mess, but with high pain tolerance.

    I also had rotator cuff surgery on the other side this past May 2013, while I was still under the "old" insurance plan. Here's how it played out:
    Surgery 5/15-was on plan, but I had a co-pay for the surgical center $150
    Physical therapy started approx a week later, twice a week for months. I had co-pays thru June 30th @ $25/visit
    Effective July 1-no copays, but since I was using an "in plan" PT provider, I still got the "discounted rate" for PT-still was about $400/visit. I paid NOTHING until the insurance processed the EOB paper work. Then the bills started coming for PT. I knew that as a family, we were to "eat" $4000 before ins picked the rest up, so once the bills started to settle out (again have to be processed thru insurance first), I called the hospital, and asked to be set up on a repayment schedule, something I've never done before. Sure, no problem, how much were you thinking? I set up $200/month repayments and they mail me monthly bills. I phone in once I get them, and withdraw $200 out of my health savings account (note that I deposit $200/month into it, which is how I determined the amount). I now have 1 payment and the balance "partial payment" left. No interest, no fees or fines. Great.

    Are you (and possibly you plus hubby and kids) on a family insurance plan? You mention your experience with MRI/back surgery a few years back but then mention that DH hasn't incurred any expenses towards HIS deductible. The way MY insurance works is that there is either a $2000 for an individual plan (think single unmarried person) OR a $4000 deductible for a family. It isn't per person for the $4000, once the "family unit" who is bundled under the coverage, incurrs $4000-that's it, your deductible is met. Can you, or DH read anything on line, in an employee handbook regarding this? place a call to Human resources and clarify how this works. While I am not an insurance agent, I am pretty comfortable with how this works, as we do have a lot of medical concerns/issues due to special needs.

    BTW-you can reach me thru my blog, if desired:
    Good luck!