Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lent and Ash Wednesday are just around the corner

Where is the time going?  Ash Wednesday is coming up.  I love that service.  And then Lent begins.  Do you, if you are Christian, observe Lent?  If so, do you give up something or take on something? 
If you are Catholic, do you have meatless meals on Fridays?  I need some good recipes.  We are Lutheran, LCMS, and this year I would like to have meatless Fridays. 

I'm not a huge lover of fish.  I do like shrimp.  Can you eat shrimp on Fridays during Lent? 

Let me know what you guys do.


  1. We are Catholic and practice meatless Friday's during Lent. It doesn't have to be a fish based meal, which can get quite expensive. Some ideas:

    -mac and cheese, side vegetable
    -Vegetarian stir fry over rice
    -vegetarian fried rice with scrambled eggs inside
    -vegetable based quiche
    -cheese or vegetable based pizza
    -tomato soup and grilled cheese
    -fried egg sandwiches
    -breakfast for supper-just don't serve bacon/sausage
    -vegetarian tacos, corn
    -spaghetti with veggie filled marinara, salad
    -cheese stuffed shells/lasagna (florentine is a nice option), salad or steamed broccoli
    -veggie or bean burgers, salad

    Fish based:
    -clam/salmon/fish chowder
    -tuna sandwiches
    -tuna casserole
    -tuna/salmon/fish cakes, oven fries, vegetable
    -cold tuna pasta salad
    -salmon loaf, mashed potatoes, peas
    -creamed salmon over boiled potatoes, veggie
    -creamed tuna over rice
    -beer battered fish, oven fries, cole slaw
    -crab fritters, oven fries, corn
    -horseradish encrusted white fish, rice, veggie
    -broiled salmon fillets, rice, veggie
    -ginger glazed salmon fillets, quinoa, veggie

    So really, anything vegetarian already in your normal rotation of meals is fine.


    1. Yes, any seafood, including shrimp is allowed. Here's a link:

  2. We are Catholic so do the no meat on friday and ash wednesday and of course Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I try to give up something every year but our parish is focusing more on giving to others in any act of kindness if you are having money problems. I will go through my menus :)

    1. I like what your parish is doing. Our senior pastor kind of did that one year. Can't wait for your menus!! All of your food sounds so good.