Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How organized are you?

So I started reading The 21 Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary.  In the beginning she speaks of a friend who embraced this 21 day fast.  Her friend, Juanita, died in a car accident in 2012.  The financial fast had all her financial affairs in order at the time of her death.  She also had her life in order.  I think this ties in with purging unnecessary things out of our lives.    Here is a part of what she wrote:  "She left a will, life insurance, and the necessary paperwork to take care of her estate.  But there was a higher level of organization in her affairs than I've ever seen.  She not only freed herself from debt, she freed herself from wanting, buying and accumulating too much stuff.
     Juanita left her apartment in an astonishingly organized condition.  Juanita had a place for everything.  She catalogued what was in her file cabinet.  She had a notebook that detailed what was in each cabinet drawer.  As a result, when several of us who were her friends went to pack up her belongings, we didn't have to look through her private papers to be able to label the boxes.  She kept binders of her awards and accolades, etc..........
     Now this I find amazing........"There was not a single junk drawer in her apartment.  There were no stacks of papers on her desk threatening to unleash an avalanche of craziness on the floor.  Nor did she have bags of papers stuffed in corners or in her closets.  She didn't even have a trash can because there wasn't much waste to throw away.  Her closets weren't overstuffed.  Her pantry and refrigerator weren't overstocked with food that would take months to eat or go to waste.  There wasn't a single item in any room that we could tell went unused for very long."

I don't know about you but this does not describe my home at all.  Now maybe you don't want to be this organized or minimal.  I just found it pretty interesting.  It for sure has given me much to think about.  I never thought about someone coming behind me to look for stuff. 

Are you guys this organized?  Do you think this is a bit too extreme? Give reasons for and against.  What helps you be organized? 

This is the Nook cover of the book

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