Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Looking at the flyer from Harris Teeter I may just need to visit there to take advantage of some their sales.  Usually Harris Teeter is higher than other grocers but when they have sales sometimes you can grab a good deal.  They double coupons every day, have super double days and sometimes triple coupon days.

Do you have a set amount you spend on groceries or does your amount depend on what's on sale?


  1. I have a set amount for groceries for the month but I also have a side amount for anything that is a really good sale and I can stock up on. Believe me having that stock has saved our buts a few times

  2. Ditto what Judy wrote. I have a grocery (includes food, paper goods, health and beauty aides, cleaning products but not Pet supplies) budget of $400 for 4 people for the month. I will over spend one month to stock up on an awesome deal, but then I reduce my expenditures the next month. I have a stockpile, pantry, freezer which we are eating down/using up as I am on medical leave from work, that is about to become UNpaid leave in a week. : ( grocery budget since learning that this would happen: $200/month. As Judy points out, it is saving our butts!