Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doctor Appointment updates-aka-I may have some neurological damage

This post may be a long one so be warned.  I had 2 appointments today.  One with my dermatologist and another with a new primary care doctor.  I've left my previous practice.  It was practically impossible to get a "sick" appointment.  They never had anything available with my doc nor any of the other docs.  I can't tell you how many times the last year or so I've gone to an urgent care, at double the copay, because they are always booked solid.  I would call first thing at 8;30 and every appointment would be gone.  Poof!!  The straws that broke my back were once I asked my dh to see our doc because he was constantly getting really bad colds, one after another.  That's not normal.  I said either your immune system has tanked or you could be diabetic.  So dh makes an appointment and tells the doc I would like him to test him for diabetes.  The doc says something like when did I start wearing lab coats?  Fast forward a couple of years, dh goes for his physical since he turned 50 and guess what............he has diabetes.  Now I'm not saying that it could have been prevented but I am saying it would have been caught sooner and dh would have been treated for it sooner.  Then I had this spot under my arm.  Doc tells me I have folliculitis.  I do what he says and for the next 1 1/2 it gets worse.  I start digging around, do some investigating and find a condition that mirrors all of my signs and symptoms.  I go back and ask him to consider this condition.  He tells me nope I don't have that, all I have to do is use some antibacterial body wash and I will be fine.  Hmm..........that didn't work.  So I made an appointment to see a dermatologist.  After a couple of appointments they confirm what I long suspected.  I've been on daily antibiotics for 6 months now and looks like this will continue for a v e r y l o n g time.  So twice my doc pays no attention whatsoever to my concerns and both times I was correct.  So I left my primary care and today saw a new doc.  I explained why I came to see her.  I'm sure she was thinking, 'oh great, I've got a know it all here.  She took her time, asked me a lot of questions.  Did some routine screening stuff, ears, throat etc.    She took one look at my underarm and said "yea I see the scarring".  First look.   But before that the visit took a bit of bad turn I think.  She tested my reflexes and I have none at all on my right leg.  She kept hitting me with that thing and my foot never moved, not even a twitch.  So then she got this device, it looks like a tuning fork.  She would smack it on the table and ask if I could feel vibrations.  I could feel them on the left lower leg and foot but NOT on the right.  So then she got this thing that looks like a plastic needle and poked me with it on several different places.  Did I feel in on the right foot and lower leg?  Nope but I did on the left.   Now here is where I will back up.  I have B12 deficiency that I'm SUPPOSED to take shots.  I've gone through times where I am diligent following the doctor orders then go through times I don't.  I've not had a shot in a very long time.  I have never felt the burst of energy that I was told I would experience.  I am constantly tired, I mean bone tired.  My memory is shot, and dh says he is noticing that I'm stumbling again.  The new doc says this decreased reflex is quite bad and could be damage from the B12 deficiency.  I go for lab work next Tuesday to see how it all works out.  She is checking me for all kinds of things.  My mother suffered and died from Good Pasteur's Syndrome, my dad had chronic thrombosis phlebitis, strokes, heart attacks, ulcerative colitis So you see I come from a great gene pool.  I could use some prayers from ya'll. 
Do you feel this?  ummmmmmmmmm no I don't

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  1. I am doing the lovely prep for a colonoscopy, so this will have to be brief! Our doctor has come to know and appreciate that I am interested in our health; that I in fact wanted to be a doctor and had the grades, but lacked any money plus in 1968 medical schools were not admitting female students readily; that I research and inform myself. He can be very difficult with a lot of people, but he enjoys my husband and me and even gives us hugs. The respect is mutual and I hope you can find a doctor who appreciates that you are endeavoring to be informed.