Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Prep Post

Oh my word.  Today has been quite the experience.  Usually the weather people get it all wrong but today they were right.  Snow to arrive around noon.  I look out the window and it is coming down the hardest I've seen in a very long time.  Dh works about 5 minutes from me.  He leaves at 1 to pick me up.  He arrives after 3.  We leave my office and make the less than 10 miles trip home over a 2 hour period.  We have an SUV with 4 wheel drive.  We drove very slow but let me tell ya........I saw cars abandoned in the middle of the street in downtown Raleigh.  Cars all over the place slipping, sliding getting stuck.  It was quite nerve wracking.

When we got home we both were like kids in a candy store we were so happy.

Now we are getting sleet on top of snow and tomorrow morning we are supposed to get more accumulating snow on top of this.  This is North Carolina people, not the Mid West or up north.
I am looking forward to spring.

For now on I will keep at least 1 blanket in my car along with some water and at the very least some granola bars.  Traffic is still backed up all over the place.  It is gridlock now.  I guess I could put some peanuts in there as well, maybe crackers. 

Mother nature has taught a few things today!!

photo courtesy of WRAL


  1. Start keeping a candle and a pad of matches in your car too. The heat from a candle in a car will keep you from freezing to death if you are stuck overnight in frigid weather. That's an old timers Yankee Winter trick someone told me about when I moved to PA.

  2. Good idea! I heard to keep a metal coffee canister as well to put the candle in it. That may work pretty good.

  3. What a treacherous ordeal! Very glad that you and DH are safely at home!